Space Knights Television Series

An all puppet show, with most characters drawn, modelled, cast and painted by Slane, Marian Fountain and Dia Curtis. Eye mechanisms by Andrew Turney - Gyro Constructivists. Produced by South Pacific Pictures. 22 half-hour episode children's series (1989). Sculpting Sir Lancelot.

Crew photo, Slane at bottom right. Next photo: on set puppeteering.
( L to R: Ron Hilekema, Roger ?, & Slane ) Youtube video

Model-making for a Toilet Duck TVC. Germy-jims and ducks sculpted/cast by Slane, Plane & rigs by Gyro Constructivists.>

Photos by Andrew Turney

Political cartoons with photographs. Puppets used satirically in New Outlook Magazine. ( 1984?) Here, David Lange ( Labour Party PM ), drives free-market reforms over the aged, workers(?) & drinkers. The "Hands Up Puppets" featured fortnightly on TVNZ's Tonight Show and monthly in New Outlook Magazine.
Left Photo : Sally Tagg. Below: Lange V's Lange, and "Jimbo"

Canon Copiers TVC

Created and operated puppets of world leaders for Canon Copiers. The TVCs won two gold clio awards in the US.
Left: Phil Parker, Reagan, Thatcher, Slane. Below: Lods, Jackie Gilmore,Khomeni, Malcom Walker, Hawke, Thatcher, Slane, Reagan, Rob Gillies.
Sesqui Costume Character

Originally created by Cameron Chittock. New costumes built by Slane.
Children's Videobook
Wizard Storyteller for video book.
Chef Cat TVC
Built & puppeteered cat.