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star wars art
star wars art

From Maui to Darth Maul

Chris Slane’s comic adventures in Aotearoa have transported him to a galaxy far, far away...

Extract from Article: From Maui to Darth Maul
By Tim Bollinger for Pavement magazine.

.... writer, Christian Read scripted the story ('Nameless' in Star Wars Tales #10, 2001) which built upon the Darth Maul character originally devised for the Phantom Menace film. Slane set about to use what he’d learned on the Maui project to help bring the Star Wars universe to life.

More than any other cartoon work he’d done before, the Star Wars comic won the approval and respect of Slane's children. The job also posed some new and interesting challenges for the artist. "At first, the emphasis for me was just getting an existing character right from all angles, angles you never see in the film, while giving him my own twist," Slane says. "Next, I wanted to emphasise the uneasy predator-threat feeling you get looking at the movie Darth Maul - the camouflaged tiger stalking you in the jungle. In his case it must have been a red-coloured jungle planet, I imagine. In the background I added elements of an alien-kiwi bush as scenery."

Colours were rendered in the States by Guillia Brusco and Matt Hollingsworth, from one of the studios that colours Mike Mingola’s Hellboy, a key influence upon the look and feel of Slane's original Maui comic....

Star Wars Tales #10. Art- Chris Slane, Story- Christian Read, Colors- Guilia Brusco & Matt Hollingsworth, Letters- Jason Hvam, Editor- Diana Schutz, Publisher Dark Horse Comics, Copyright 2001 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

star wars art
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